Sustainable Travel with MagicBreaks

In a world where our travel choices have a profound impact on our planet, it’s important to travel responsibly, and where possible, sustainably. In this blog, we’re highlighting how you can do your bit for the environment, whilst still enjoying your hard-earned holiday of a lifetime.


Did you know that flying is the single-most carbon-intensive forms of transportation, and on average, a round-trip flight from London to New York generates approximately 1.2 metric tons of CO2 per passenger? To put that into some perspective, that is the equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of driving a car for six months straight. On one flight!


We think that choosing a self-driving holiday once in a while is an excellent way of travelling sustainably. Not only does it bring environmental benefits, but you also gain flexibility and freedom with your itinerary too so wherever you choose to travel, you aren’t at the mercy of public transportation or taxis.


Eco-Friendly Escapes at Center Parcs Europe

If you’re looking for a self-driving holiday where nature is at the very heart of the trip, look no further than our brand-new selection of Center Parcs Europe resorts. Pack up the car, cross the channel via Ferry or LeShuttle, and within a few hours of driving through Europe you’ll find yourself in your very own cottage surrounded by the dense woodlands of France, the beaches of Belgium, or the lakes of the Netherlands.


Center Parcs Europe resorts are renowned for being the perfect alternative holiday destination for all of the family, partly due to the incredible facilities you’ll find at each resort. You’ll have the choice between upwards of 70 activities to take part in including archery, bowling, mountain biking and even escape rooms, in addition to several on-site restaurants, a supermarket, and of course, the Aqua Mundo. Here, you’ll discover water slides, lazy rivers, a wave pool, and a heated outdoor pool. What’s more, is that you’ll also have your car enabling you to visit any nearby town, city or attraction making it a seriously diverse holiday within nature.


All Center Parcs Europe resorts are eco-resorts too, meaning that they are semi-pedestrian with guests only being able to get around either on foot, by bike, or in an e-cart. They don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on the resort’s foliage, and water consumption is limited and monitored in the Aqua Mundo.



Alternative Transportation to Disneyland® Paris

Here at MagicBreaks, it’s no secret that Disneyland® Paris is the beating heart of what we do. So naturally, it only makes sense to mention the environmentally-friendly ways of getting to the Disney® Parks.


Instead of flying, you may want to consider travelling by coach. It’s even more environmentally friendly than self-driving due to the much higher occupancy rates of the coach. More passengers are transported using less fuel per person therefore massively reducing the carbon emissions per passenger compared to driving alone or in a family. If travelling by coach is not an option for you, then self-driving to Disneyland® Paris is still an excellent sustainable means of transport, especially if you own an electric car. In fact, that is the most sustainable way of getting to the Parks, unless there’s such thing as electric coaches these days!


Exploring the UK

Our final way of keeping things sustainable on a MagicBreaks holiday is to explore the many options available to you on our very own island. Being our home, the UK is often completely forgotten about when it comes to a holiday which we think is a real shame. We’re blessed with some of the most beautiful surroundings anywhere in the world, which you can find up in the Lake District, or down southwest in Cornwall for example.


We’re pleased to offer a selection of incredible cottages and log cabins in some of the UK’s best locations from just £159pp. Enjoy 7 nights bordering the Lake District National Park, the North Cornwall/North Devon border, Somerset countryside, or even on the small island of the Isle of Wight. All of our UK breaks are self-driving and being based in the UK, perfect for a sustainable holiday!



So, there we have it. If you’re trying to be a little more eco-conscious, MagicBreaks have got you covered with several amazing options for sustainable travel. From self-driving to the eco-resorts of Center Parcs Europe, to environmentally-friendly transport to Disneyland® Paris, right through to keeping things local with breaks away in the UK.