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Located at City Walk, The Green Planet is the region's first bio-dome that recreates the breath-taking world of a tropical rainforest with over 3000 plants and animals.


Explore and interact with a whole new world of exotic flora and fauna in this fully immersive indoor vertical rainforest in Dubai! 


The Green Planet

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Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night

Dubai's only indoor rainforest is offering guests the chance to discover the special activities of the nocturnal rainforest when darkness falls!


Hitting the spotlight will be the Slow Loris family: Lonely, Hope and their baby. They are nocturnal primates with large reflective eyes, and ears that allow them to have more sensitive sight and hearing - helping them navigate their way in the dark.


The walkthrough is included in the guest general admission ticket, along with the chance to catch the "tropical thunderstorm"!

Bird Encounter

Bird Encounter

Experience a 20 minute bird encounter with Toucan, Caiques or other small parrots once a day at 11.30am. 


This is an opportunity for guests to get a close-up experience with the birds, where they can take pictures next to them and learn more about different habitats of birds from an experienced biologist.


Maximum of 5 guests. Ticket prices start from AED 290 per person, including entry ticket.

Reptile Encounter

Reptile Encounter

A 20 minute encounter with reptiles including lizards, geckos and snakes. Available 3 times a day at 12:30pm, 2.30pm and 4.30pm.


Get an up-close experience with a reptile and take pictures holding them or standing next to them. Plus, you'll learn more about the different habitats of reptiles from experienced biologists.


Maximum 8 guests per session. Ticket prices are from AED 290 per person, including entry ticket.

Sloth Encounter

Sloth Encounter

Enjoy a 30 minute encounter with these extremely slow-moving mammals. One session is available per day at 1.30pm.


Take pictures next to the sloths and learn more about why these sleepy creatures are so important to the rainforest.


Maximum 8 guests per encounter. Tickets from AED 335 per person, including entry ticket.

Sugar Glider Encounter

Sugar Glider Encounter

A 20 minute interaction with a sugar glider is available once a day at 3.30pm. 


Take pictures next to them and learn more about why they are unique within the animal kingdom. A biologist will be available to answer any of your questions too.


Maximum 5 guests per encounter. Tickets from AED 290 per person, including entry ticket.

The Green Planet Cafe

The Green Planet Cafe

The exquisitely refurbished "rainforest themed" terrace is a fantastic spot to enjoy the ultimate jungle-esque family breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Plus, it boasts an amazing new children's play area, complete with soft play small slides, climbing and a ball pit - the perfect place for the little explorers to live endless adventures.

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