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What is the Efteling Gift Card?

Similarly to a credit card, the Efteling gift card can be loaded with a minimum value of €10 and a maximum value of €150 and can be used anywhere in Efteling where there is an electronic payment terminal available for a quick and easy transaction. (Should you wish for a higher amount to be loaded onto your card, you will need to purchase multiple gift cards.) Don't worry if you haven't spent everything, as the balance remains on the gift card for 3 years after purchase. Please note that gift cards can not be exchanged for cash or used for online payments.

How do your use the Efteling Gift Card?

Simply hand your gift card to a member of staff at checkout where the amount of the purchase will be debited from your card. If the remaining balance is not enough for the entire purchase, you can choose to pay the rest of the amount with another payment method. A stay at the Efteling Hotel or the Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk can also be partly paid with the Efteling gift card and can be booked via the Efteling Contact Center on 0031 416 537 777 (open daily from 9am - 9pm).

Who can use the Gift Card?

There is no name recorded on the gift card, and therefore can be used by anyone.

Can I use the Gift Card for multiple purchases?

Yes, as long as your card has a remaining balance and is used within the validity period and is not expired. You will be able to check your remaining balance as well as the expiry date of your card via the balance checker.

Can I use multiple Gift Cards for a single purchase?

Yes you can, as long as there is a remaining balance and validity on all cards. 


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